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(If you are making a photoshoot booking, it means that you have read and agree to the Terms & Policies below.)

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  • There is no set limit for the number of photos and every session varies, but you can expect to receive at least 25-30 final edited high resolution digital images per one hour session.
    The images are hand-processed and will be sent to you via Dropbox direct download link within a few days.
    You may freely print the images or post them online.
  • The session fee is due at the beginning of your scheduled photoshoot. Cash is accepted.
  • Session time begins at the scheduled time. Please be on time.
  • If you are late, I will not be able to extend the duration of the session as scheduled. In the case that you are uncertain about finding the location, please plan to arrive early to confirm the spot in advance.
  • If you are unable to show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time without any prior notice, I will have to leave for my next appointment.
  • A selected handful of the images from a session may be posted to my website or blog. These postings are my sole way of sharing my work to future possible clients - I don't rely on any other marketing/advertisement method.
    If you absolutely prefer not to have images posted, please inform me in advance PRIOR to completing your photoshoot booking. An extra fee may apply.
  • In some cases, I may end a session slightly early if I judge that enough images have been successfully captured. You are free to ask that I shoot for you further until the remaining minutes are completely up, or you are also free to ask that we end a little early from your side (this has happened with past clients, in cases such as those with tired out kids, or tired out feet from travel/sightseeing :)
    Please be assured that I aim to capture plenty of quality images for you, regardless of the exact ending time.
  • Photos posted to your online media should credit: paint with stars photography
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